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marți, 25 august 2009

Download Fonturi pentru windows, Fonturi pentru Web Designeri !

1. Analgesics (Download)

Analgesics is a “bold” font particular useful to design heder elements.
Download Analgesics

2. Sketch Rockwell (Download)

This is absolutely my preferred handwritten font, very good to be used, with a big size, for titles and headers.
Download Sketch Rockwell

3. Joe Hand (Download)

Joe Hand is a “fast” handwritten font, nice using small size.
Download Joe Hand

4. Two Turtle Doves (Download)

Two Turtle Doves is e big size font good to design big titles or headers.
Download Two Turtle Doves

5. Estrya’s Handwriting (Download)

This is a beautiful font design by Jellyka Nerevan free to use for a personal use. You can use this font to design, for example, notes like this:

Download Estrya’s Handwritting

6. Gregs Other Hand (Download)

Gregs Other Hand is an uppercase font you can use for note header like this:

…or with Estrya’s (font 5 in this list) to obtain a crayon + pencil effect:

Download Gregs Other Hand

7. Later On (Download)

Later On is a slimmish font which I suggest you to use for big size titles (use a size greater then 42 point for a better effect)
Download Later On

8. Bubbly Frog (Download)

Bubbly Frog is another font useful to design titles or header elements.
Download Bubbly Frog

9. Rai Elegant (Download)

Rai is an elegant handwritten font I prefer to use for small text:

Download Rai

10. King (download)

King is an elegant and highly readable typewriter font useful to design titles and headers.
Download King

11. 39 Smooth (download)

39 Smooth is a large-space font. I prefer use it in a big size to design headers and titlesDownload 39 Smooth

12. Underwood 1913 (download)

Underwood 1913 is a dirt-line font. Useful for old-style sites to design headers and titles.
Download Underwood 1913

13. Type-RA (download)

Type-Ra is another dirt-line font useful to design old design elements. I prefer use it in a small size.
Download Type-Ra

5. Last Words (download)

Last Words is a large typewriter font. Nice using big size for title and headers.
Download Last Words

14. F25 Executive (download)

F25 Executive is a very. To design text elements and headers for old-style letters or vintage websites.
Download F25 Executive

15. Telegraphem (download)

Telegraphem is an uppercase typewriter font. Useful to design old style labels using small size.
Download Telegraphem

16. Another Typewriter (download)

Another Typewriter is one of my preferred typewriter font, highly readable for titles, headers or simple text.
Download Another Typewriter

17. Stalker (download)

Stalker is a large-space font. I prefer use it with a big size (greater than 40pt).
Download Stalker

18. XBand Rough (download)

XBand Rough is another uppercase typewriter font. Useful to design old style labels (I like medium size 16pt-30pt)
Download XBand Rough