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luni, 28 noiembrie 2011

Ciss - Continuous ink supply system - How Does It Work

Continuous ink supply systems (CISS) are aftermarket kits for inkjet printers that feed ink to a special permanent cartridge via tubes connected to external bottles or reservoirs. The cartridge never runs dry or needs to be replaced. Instead ink can simply be added to the bottles as they run low.

Continuous ink supply systems save the user substantial money in replacement cartridges, which on top of cost, are discarded while still holding ink. Bottled ink is not only more economical but all ink is eventually used.

Another advantage of continuous ink supply systems is that the cartridge is always full, delivering even color every time that remains consistent regardless of the size of the print run.

Continuous inking system kits made for these printers have their own write-protected microchip attached to the cartridge. This chip tells the printer the cartridge is always 100% full, negating the need to change it. Cartridges included in continuous inking systems are specially made for longevity.

are recommended for:
CISS Epson
CISS Canon

  • And is 20 times cheaper compared with ordinary ink cartridges.
  • The printing quality is similar to that obtained from using ordinary cartridges.

Stop wondering what is CISS. Now you know