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marți, 20 decembrie 2011

Tips How To Buying A Printer

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Today i want to give you my advice about buying a printer.

This few steps help you to have a good printer and no worries.

Step one:

Pay special attention to consumables. Many of us already have one or more printers “put to storage” because it is very expensive to print on them. Ordinary consumables last just for few pages despite most manufacturers would like to assure you that you can print hundreds of pages per cartridge. They calculate the number of pages printed in the conditions that suit them best, most of the times for “draft” printing, meaning very poor quality when the text is barely readable at 5% page coverage or even less… OK, not surprised that a cartridge will last “for so long” when you are printing almost white pages! The reality is different and most of us know about it: ordinary cartridges contain very little ink and cost a lot of money, and a full set of cartridges costs a lot, close the price of the new printer. So we kindly advise you to make sure that the printer or multifunction device you want is compatible with a CISS system or some sort of refillable cartridges

Step Two:

Avoid printers using consumables with the print head “built in” the cartridge - these are usually the cheaper, entry price printers. Although theoretically you find CISS systems for them, the CISS will not work properly, over the long term, because the printhead is lower quality and designed to last only for a short period of time, until you will buy a new cartridge. We would rather recommend to target the mid or top-range of printers, which are able to deliver superior performance and use a permanent print-head together with separate ink cartridges per each color.

Step Three:

Inkjet or laser? We suggest you go for Inkjet: it is more flexible, you can print color and black and white, on plain paper and photo paper. Laser on the other hand, generally prints in black&white only (only expensive models can print color) and generally only on plain paper. Also, the inkjet is more affordable and takes up less room than the laser.

Step Four:

If you are passionate about photography and very demanding with the quality of print-outs you will probably be please with a “Photo” printer. Unlike the ‘normal’ printers, the “Photo” printer composes images using multiple colors (5, 6 or 8 instead of 4 for normal equipment). It can also print text documents as well as photos or graphics. Also important to mention is that usually Photo printers are able to print on printable CDs / DVDs (usually found in any hypermarket). Specifically, we recommend few models able to print beautiful photos and also very fast:
CISS Epson Stylus Photo P50
CISS Canon Pixma iP4850 / 4950 (printers)
Canon MG5250
Epson PX720/820 (multifunction).